Business concept

"Nothing should be discarded" -- this is our challenge.

Today "recycling" is getting much public attention, however, I believe it is more important to reuse quality products as they are, without reprocessing and to make them available on the market.
"Reuse" first, and then we sort out uncommercialized parts to sell as recycling materials.We are aiming to be such a company that supports society, doing our best in the engagement with resource recovery by reusing as much materials as possible.

The 3R spirit -- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Nothing is discarded and everything is recycled at Terada Parts.

In the 21st century, preservation of the global environment is one of the most critical issues common to the people around the world.
We are aware that the automobile industry in which our company is involved gives adverse impact to the environment.
Under these circumstances, Terada Parts Co., Ltd. is actively contributing to the creation of a recycling-oriented society by means of reducing industrial waste through our production and sales of recycling car components and through proper disposal of used automobiles vehicles, abiding by environmental laws and regulations such as End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling Law.

The Recycleled Parts Situation

Recycling, our environment and our natural resources.

Approximately 4,000,000 tons of automobiles are disposed of as waste every year. This is slightly over 6% of the 70,000,000 tons of waste generated throughout Japan annually.
There are two ways to recycle this tremendous and socially problematic resource of scrapped vehicles: "reprocessing" and "reutilization." "Recycling" means utilizing all reusable parts and sorting out the unusable parts to be crushed and melted into raw materials which can be used to manufacture new products.
This, however, requires excess costs and energy consumption.It is the reutilization of usable parts for repairs that requires minimal energy expenditures and is, thus, the most sought after way of recycling resources. Reusing parts is the future mainstream of car recycling.

Parts Distribution System and Manufacturing Articles

Recycle parts

He as-good-as-new quality and reasonable prices of recycled parts are highly attractive to consumers. Terada Parts recycled parts are labeled with "guarantees seals" as proof of their credibility, and are widely accepted as being completely different from the image of other conventional used parts.

Thorough quality control.
Our "guarantee seal" is your assurance of our standards for the highest quality.

Our quality is equal to the quality of new parts, and it is available at the low prices our customers appreciate.
Recycled parts are an extremely attractive option for our customers the NGP "guarantee seal" is your assurance of reliability and you'll find these seals on all of the parts we offer.
We believe that our system has helped to change the overall image of used parts and helped to popularize this particular option for car repairs.

We can search for ordered partson-line through our inventory of over 1,500,000 parts.
This makes it possible for us to distribute recycled parts throughout Japan.


Exporting good quality parts overseas

Japanese cars are used all over the world.
Some countries (people) still need such parts that no longer have a demand in the domestic market.
Terada Parts practice recycle and reuse of products through our own network for container export.

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